Our KIST Center for Neuroscience is the leading representative of Korean Neuroscience. We boast the cutting-edge equipment and world class neuroscientists to actively study the function of the brain starting from the level of genes to the level of behavior and psychiatric disorders. In particular, we utilize various genetically modified mice and gene-carrying viruses for study of psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, depression, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease and etc. By analyzing these mice we sought to identify their related brain regions, cell types, and synaptic connections, so that we can identify the target molecules for certain brain diseases and propose a therapeutic targets and tools to cure those debilitating psychiatric disorders. So far, we have published numerous research articles in well-respected journals and are becoming the top neuroscience center in the world.

Laboratory of Molecular  Signal  Transduction Dr. Chung’s Lab Neuronal Communication Lab: Chong-Hyun Kim’s Lab Koh Lab Neurobiology of Drug Addiction : microRNAs and its target molecules - Im Hehin Lab Laboratory for Functional Brain Dynamics Understanding neural dynamics - Hur Lab Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory Neuronal Membrane Protein Network Laboratory - Dr. Rhim’s Lab
[CNS seminar] 2017.6.14. 이석원 (KBRI) - Key molecular mechanisms of fear renewal  2017/08/14
[CNS seminar] 2017.9.13. 이상래 (한국생명공학연구원 바이오의약인프라사업부) - 국가영장류센터 현황 및 영장류 뇌질환모델 개발 연구 소개  2017/08/14
[CNS seminar] 2017.10.25.김영미 (경희대)  2017/08/14
[CNS seminar] 2017.11.8. 이건재 (KAIST) - Flexible Optoelectronics for Optogenetic Applications  2017/08/14
[CNS seminar] 2018.1.10. 손종우 (KAIST) - Control of appetite by brain serotonin 2C receptors  2017/08/14
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