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1. What is the SPF?
Specific Pathogen Free is a term used for laboratory animals that are guarantee free of particular pathogens.

2. Overview 
   Total area : 343㎡ 
    - Breeding area : 148.5㎡ 
    - Support area : 194.5㎡ 
   Breeding condition : constant temperature & humidity 
   Individual ventilation cage system : 26 racks 
   Maximum breeding capacity : 18,200 mice (700mice/rack) 
    - Knock out & Transgenic mouse : 140lines, 13,800mice 
    - Inbred mouse : 8lines, 2,800mice

3. Technical support 
   Succeeding of generation of KO & TG mice 
   Embryo transfer 
   Embryo freezing 
   In Vitro fertilization 
   Aseptic technique of mice 
   Production of Knock out mouse 
   User education 
   Import & export of mice

4. Management based on the applicable law 
   Laboratory Animal Act (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) 
   Animal protection laws (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs) 
   Law of Transboundary movement of living modified organisms
    (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning) 
   Guidelines of use and management of laboratory animal (KIST) 
   Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (KIST)


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